The Walk of Fame

Step Right Up for an Exciting Walk of Fame!

Get your cameras ready, folks - you're in for a star-studded stroll down memory lane! As we meander through our photo hall of fame, keep those eyes peeled for faces you just might recognise.

90's alt-rock lovers, see if you can spot the former Silverchair frontman indulging his creative side with pen to paper. This Australian grunge icon drew as skilfully as he sang.

Posing here with a grin, we have a certain Academy Award nominee known for intense drama films and that deep, commanding voice. Swipe a crab leg off his plate at your own risk!

Ooh, check out the rock star couple cuddling in the corner! Any fans of a certain all-sister indie group from the 2000's? They brought the whole band in for a night of fun and music.

Also striking a pose is this Australian model turned actress who definitely knows how to make an entrance. Rising to fame in Orange is the New Black, her bold looks inspire women to live authentically.

You never know when a chart-topping musician might stop in! This Grammy winner is one of the best-selling artists ever. We're sure our chilli crab was music to her taste.

For more sports star power, this legend redefined Australian golf with his unorthodox "spider putt"and won trophies galore.

Be sure not to miss this athletic trailblazer, a champion swimmer who dominated the pool in the 1950's and 60's. This Australian icon with her record-breaking freestyle made Olympic history, winning every 100-meter race she competed in and taking home three consecutive golds. Out of the water, she captivated the world with her bold, unapologetic spirit. An inspiration for women athletes that still shines today.

Sprinkled throughout you'll also find your other favourite MasterChef judges and contestants!

See if you can spot the distinguished gentleman who led the City we called home as Lord Mayor for over a decade. This pragmatic yet artistic politician also served multiple ministerial roles for NSW, driving progress in planning, utilities, and the environment. His steady leadership navigated Sydney through eras of growth and change.

So, explore our starry hall of fame, and see how many familiar faces you can spot. Here at Harry's, we've hosted extraordinary people from all walks of life! But our most treasured guests will always be you.