The Tale Of The Tenacious Crabber

The Tale of the Tenacious Crabber

Eras ago, luscious mud crabs were elusive treasures in Sydney's seafood scene. Though abundant in Queensland's labyrinth of mangroves and estuaries, harvesting the ornery crustaceans from the maze of submerged roots was a perilous endeavor. To clutch a crab's vice-like claws meant risking one's own fingers or worse. So crabbing remained a seasonal affair, with few fishermen daring the dangerous shallows when easier catches could suffice.

Harry, our intrepid founder, was unsatisfied with this scarcity. A man of bold vision and inventiveness, he spent countless nights sketching and tinkering away in his relative's oceanic equipment factory. After failed prototypes and bruised digits, Harry finally engineered the perfect protection: a double-layered crab net enveloping hand and haul while allowing none to escape its grasp.

Harry standing thumbs up in front of row of netting manufacturing machines
Details of crab netting and traps

Armed with his ingenious apparatus, Harry voyaged north and coaxed the reluctant fishermen of Queensland. Through demonstrations and determined persistence, he won their trust in this imitative method safe and bountiful. The fruits of his efforts enriched our menus year-round, with succulent crabs delivered straight from mangrove mazes to restaurant in under 48 hours.

Harry's crab-catching caper even attracted channel 9's cameras, capturing this Sydney restaurateur's impact on Queensland's fishing industry.

Such was the tenacity of our founder, never settling for second-best. Here at Harry's, we honor his spirit today by serving only the freshest crustacean treats. All thanks to the visionary who braved the mangroves to bring crab home.