The Big Day

The Big Day — Where Forever Promised

At Harry's Dining Group, we cherish life's most precious milestones - anniversaries, proposals, Valentine's days. These moments deserve to be elevated into lasting memories with thoughtful, romantic touches. Our "The big day" service transforms your special celebration with:

  • An intimate table adorned with flowers in your preferred colours, hand- picked to complement the occasion.
  • A discreet alcove where you can pop the question amidst twinkling lights, as we play a meaningful song chosen just for you.
  • Expertly crafted cuisine and our finest wine or champagne to toast the moment where forever begins.

Our team will tend to every detail so you can simply relish these magical moments. Surprise your loved one with the proposal they've always imagined or treat them to an anniversary that reminds you both of your very first date. At Harry's, life's grandest occasions are celebrated as new forever memories in the making.

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Minimum spend $200 per adult

Please write “ VIP” in the booking note box and our VIP experiences team will get in touch with you to discuss the unique experience you like in details. Or contact our team at to discuss.